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Welcome Rylin Ann

We are quickly approaching the three month mark with our newest little member of the family.  With her, it feels like we’ve had her around much longer.  I’m not sure if its because her sister is only 12 months older and we never really

This is where my future is born

I usually look forward to the slow down of work come winter–time to get life in order and spend more time with my family.   Toward the end of fall I start coming up with plans to make up time missed with my kids on weekends and reimburse the

Brynlee is two! {Sun Prairie Child photographer}

This year, a lot of families I work with have kiddos turning TWO!  It’s funny, you totally forget what it’s like to have a two year old once they approach three and four and have a whole different set of challenges.  In the same breath,

Meyer Family {Sun Prairie Family and Child Photographer}

The second I saw this little bow-tie pop out from underneath this little sweetie’s sweater coupled by his big gummy smile and stunning blue eyes, I knew we were going to have a good night!  And boy was I right.  Mom and dad found me through a

Otto, 15 days new {Sun Prairie Wisconsin newborn photographer}

When I photographed my own newborn recently, I had a realization that made me reconsider the way I would shoot the rest of the newborns I see in my studio. While my baby was growing inside of me, I had months to visualize what I thought I might do

Adelaide Lucille {Sun Prairie Wisconsin Newborn Session}

It’s already been a month since this little nugget entered our lives!  I thought time flew with my first daughter–well, turns out, when you bring a second child into the mix–the life doesn’t really stop like it does with the

3 years 7 months and 22 days

3 years 7 months and 22 days. Life-changing, life-bringing, life-making days on this earth with my sweet, compassionate, funny, fearless and charismatic daughter. . . my only child.  In just three short days I fear I’ll loose her briefly in

A competition with myself…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had entered this big world-wide photo contest and that I had been notified that I had made the top 100 best photos.  As always, you all were so sweet in sharing in my enthusiasm.  Several of you have even been

Reierson Family {DeForest Wisconsin Family Photographer}

This crazy Wisconsin weather has me missing the beautiful sunsetting light I love playing with so much!  Now that I have some downtime, due to a short hiatus I am taking until my inside baby comes out and I have a little time work-free, I thought

Studio Tour

As I spent some time in my studio this morning prepping for this weekend’s sessions, I realized I’d never shared my naked studio with you all!  I feel like it might be helpful to be able to visualize the space when your preparing to

Butt-day! {Sun Prairie studio photographer}

I really never anticipated the excitement having an in-home studio would bring to my business.  In fact, I really only intended to use it for newborns–but in reality it’s been so much more.   My favorite winter sessions have quickly

Fun for me

Each year, mainly because its fun for me, but also because its a good measuring-stick of personal creative growth, I submit some of my photos from the year to a world-wide photography contest in which my peers are the judges.  I like it because the