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3 years 7 months and 22 days

3 years 7 months and 22 days. Life-changing, life-bringing, life-making days on this earth with my sweet, compassionate, funny, fearless and charismatic daughter. . . my only child.  In just three short days I fear I’ll loose her briefly in

A competition with myself…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had entered this big world-wide photo contest and that I had been notified that I had made the top 100 best photos.  As always, you all were so sweet in sharing in my enthusiasm.  Several of you have even been

Reierson Family {DeForest Wisconsin Family Photographer}

This crazy Wisconsin weather has me missing the beautiful sunsetting light I love playing with so much!  Now that I have some downtime, due to a short hiatus I am taking until my inside baby comes out and I have a little time work-free, I thought

Studio Tour

As I spent some time in my studio this morning prepping for this weekend’s sessions, I realized I’d never shared my naked studio with you all!  I feel like it might be helpful to be able to visualize the space when your preparing to

Butt-day! {Sun Prairie studio photographer}

I really never anticipated the excitement having an in-home studio would bring to my business.  In fact, I really only intended to use it for newborns–but in reality it’s been so much more.   My favorite winter sessions have quickly

Fun for me

Each year, mainly because its fun for me, but also because its a good measuring-stick of personal creative growth, I submit some of my photos from the year to a world-wide photography contest in which my peers are the judges.  I like it because the


My Valentine.  A constant reminder of progress, love, patience and gratitude.  Sometimes, it’s hard being a photographer’s kid–often behind my lens, other times, pushed to the side while I capture other people’s moments

Payton, 6 month studio portraits

This cutie was a total fan of getting her photos taken!  From our initial contact I got nothing but smiles and exploration from her–it was perfect!  And you guys, when I get a perfectly plump infant in your studio, it makes my job so easy!  It

Hello 2016!

I’m not going to lie.  This year had me all wound up just a few months ago.  I couldn’t fathom another year like last, with a new baby and almost 4 year old at home with me all day!  But here we are already in February (um, January,

Winter Maternity Photography || Madison Wisconsin

I met up with this beautiful couple on a gorgeous Wisconsin winter day; snowless and warm.   December 20th, and 47 degrees was not what we had hoped for in planning for the session, but secretly I think we lucked out because this momma-to-be

Vivian is ONE || KSP studio session

I can hardly believe this little peanut is already ONE!  I feel like I just took her newborn pictures…like, yesterday!  She is such a little bundle of happiness and love, its hard not to just smile when your around her, and the fact that she

The pursuit of happiness

I’ve been flashing back to 1999 a lot lately.  Thinking about December 31st, 1999 more than I care to admit.  I spent the night at my friend’s house with four or five other friends doing all the normal things teenagers do–talking