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Where’d the time go?!

It’s mid January already.  It seems like just a few days ago I was preparing for the holidays, and just a few days before that, dreading the weather change into winter and cold.  As much as the bitterness of Wisconsin winters makes me cringe,

Two out of three, not bad!

January started out with a bang as far as cooking new recipes goes.  This weekend though, I reverted back to good ‘ole stir fry.  Thank goodness, because I can still feel the grease churning in my stomach from the skillet I had for breakfast

Website ReLaunch!

Check out the latest page I just posted using Showit: New Landing

2009 Relaunch!

I launched this blog earlier in 2009 with good intentions a lot of excitement about the prospects of displaying the evidence of doing what I love to do.  But like so many things in all of our lives, it quickly had to be put on the backburner

It’s beginning to look like fall days are upon us!

I had the pleasure of going for a little walk on a cross-country ski trail behind the residence of a coworker and her hubby. Becky and Jon were a lot of fun to shoot with as they were willing do try anything, including sit on the very wet Madison

The Race is on!!

I am so excited to have four more shoots coming up in the next month!! Babies, families, lovers…its all in the books! The launch of KaitlinSheran photography couldn’t be going better! I cannot wait to see what the future might

Maternity Shoot

What a great day! Today I did my first project with the 3-5 year olds that I am working with this semester at the University Preschool Lab. It went off without a hitch (not counting the mounds of glue stuck to the table afterwards…) and the

//take off!

I just published my website at: http://kaitlinsheranphotography.showitsite.com !!! Check it out! I am just wrapping things up for the evening then I’m gonna check in with my bed! Tomorrow is a big day. I am doing an art project with the kids