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Family Oasis {Fuhrmann family}

When Danielle contacted me for portraits months ago, I could do nothing but hope that our schedules would line up–because when she said she had a family ranch an hour north of here she wanted to shoot on, I was ALL IN.  And boy did it deliver.

Through the change

It’s hard not to feel heavy every year thinking about the people lost and those still hurting.  The sacrifices made, and the change forced upon us–the evils in the world so tangible.  It’s much different now, now that I have a

Delafield Wisconsin wedding photographer {Mr. & Mrs. Mihajlov}

If a bride and groom were ever prepared, call them Laura and Pete.  I’m pretty sure they had back up plans for their back up plans, and made lists for every question I might have.  And that? It makes me happy!  I was so excited to pull up to

She’s two.

Oh baby.  Today you’re two and I’m sure before I know it you’ll be 22.  22 in this crazy scary world–It’s hard to think about what your life will be like in 22 years, so much in this life is out of our control and the

Madison Wisconsin engagement photographer {Alissa & Tony}

Minutes before I met them, I watched a (assumed to be) college freshman back into a sparkly Jaguar in his dad’s pickup truck as he forgot about the four bikes attached to the back.  It was loud, anyone within the half-mile radius stopped all

Sun Prairie Wisconsin family photographer {Peterson Family}

Christel warned me, (as most of you do) that Jeremiah doesn’t like to sit still and might not cooperate.  And I always say, don’t worry, we’ll get some great shots!  But when he would hardly peek out from momma’s shoulder for

Madison Wisconsin Family Photographer {Maiers Family}

It was so humbling, and rewarding to work with this beautiful family.  We decided to head on out to Lussier Family Heritage Center to snag some family photos and we totally lucked out with an evening that couldn’t have been any nicer (or more

Madison Wisconsin Maternity photography {Waiting on Mila}

Shannon is due in just less than four weeks with their first baby.  I went into this session not quite knowing what to expect with her frantic “I’m so swollen,” “I hope you know how to turn your camera to make me

Sun Prairie Wisconsin newborn photographer {Brynlee}

I had the privilege of meeting this peanut when she was just short of 3 lbs big, and still growing in the NICU.  Today, she is just short of 6 lbs and is settling nicely at her home, with her three big, very protective and doting brothers!  

My best week ever {Happy Anniversary Ryan}

{Photo courtesy of Jenn Van Wyk Photography} To date, it is still, my best day/week ever.  Since then, so much has happened, including the birth of my daughter.  And while she is the best thing that has happened to me, the events surrounding her

A beautiful day in Glenwood Springs Colorado

I made my way up to the penthouse a little after 9:00 super excited for the day to unfold.  Dana and Rick are some of the most genuinely kind people you’ll ever meet, whose gentle spirits and uplifting smiles are unsurpassable.  So it

Madison Wisconsin wedding photographer {First Unitarian Society, non-traditional wedding}

As their wedding day approached we were 99% sure we’d get rained out.  But, for once, I wasn’t really too worried. Why? Because Aaron and Emily are perhaps the most organized and planned out couple I have ever worked with.  Not only did