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Lake Mills, Wisconsin newborn photographer {Nora}

Meet Nora.  This little bundle was just nine days new when I met her, and she couldn’t have been any sweeter.  Katie contacted me long before her due date–and then coincidentally was scheduled for a C-section so we didn’t

Tattoo Onesie by Jane Made

When I saw this onesie, I knew I HAD to have it for my tattoo loving brother’s baby who is arriving this winter.  As luck would have it, Jane needed some photos of a cute little girl model in a tattoo onsie to help get her website up and

Devil’s Lake State Park Family Photographer {Smith Family}

Iilene and Chad received a photo-session as a ‘welcoming baby’ gift from so pretty awesome friends.  To me, this is like the ultimate gift.  You are given an excuse to spend a couple hours hanging out with your family, all while

Madison Wisconsin Senior photographer {Joslyn C/O 2014}

I was really looking forward to this session.  Seniors are always (or at least so far) so fun to work with!  They WANT to get their pictures taken and look good doing it!! I love learning about them and where they are headed.  What their plans are

Madison Family Photographer, Tenney Park, {Larson Family}

I have a hard time believing that it has only been a year since I saw this family last!  It’s amazing how much can change in a mere 365 days!!  When I met them last year, Charlotte, the baby was just that.  A babe.  JUST getting her bearings,

Verona WI family photographer {Emma Grace turns 2!}

I took pictures of this little cutie two years ago in her mommy’s tummy right before she made her grand entrance!! And then, because baby decided to come early we had to cancel her one year session with me.  I am so grateful that they were so

Fall Mini Sessions: Book now!!

Autumn, the year’s last and loveliest smile. Hey ya’ll, what are you waiting for? I still have 4-5 time slots open for my autumn mini sessions!!  If you book today, you will receive a free 8×10 print!! Who doesn’t

My Own: When the dust settles

Last night, I fell asleep in the shower. Standing up. I never considered that a physical ability of mine, but to my surprise, I can mark that off my non-existant bucket list.  You know those dreams you have where you feel like your about to fall,

Cottage Grove Family Photographer {Donohue Family}

Rachel was the winner of my last Facebook Fan giveaway! I totally believe that things happen for a reason and as I walked away to my car after our evening of photo-taking I concluded that this was one of them.  Going into the session, I was spinning

Fer Real Friday: An affordable new option for displaying your pictures

If you’re like me, you love displaying your favorite images all over your house (for me, to a fault).  Also, if your like me, you like to save some money!  I personally LOVE the look and feel of having my pictures on canvas, and on my walls.

Madison Wisconsin newborn photographer {Campbell, ten days new}

The unknown is always exciting.  It’s become reassuring to me now, that I know that I will make swift and good decisions in most situations–but the adrenalin from the unpredictability of the unknown is my biggest competitor during a

My Own: Twelve months down, my whole life to go.

I have a one-year-old.  I have a ONE year-old.  I’m the mother of a one-year-old.  Is this real? It feels like it was a different life that was living in the NICU for two months and longing for normalcy. (You can read Tessa’s birth story